This part of the tool presents you with a dashboard so that you can get a good overview of all of your automation flows, divided up by:


  • Total = the total number of people has gone through all of your flows in total

  • Active = the number of people that are currently in an active flow that you have (e.g. are running right now)

  • Paused = the number of of people that are currently in an paused flow that you have (e.g. they are paused so that you can change in the flow, and then activate it again)

  • Stopped = the number of people that are currently in a stopped flow that you have (e.g. that they have been active but are now stopped so that they are not running anymore)

Top Automation Flows

The next widget in the dashboard presents you with your top 5 flows, in relation to the flows with the most number of people that have gone through the flows. To the right side, you also see how your flows are growing over time.

Lead Quality

In the flows that you build, you will have the possibility to tag them with different statuses;

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) and Sales Qualified Lead (SQL). If you in your strategy have these kind of qualifications, you will be able to place these “tags” within the flows (read more under Achievements) and if you do that, the output of this will be presented in this widget.