This part of the tool is the place where you will get a total overview of all your flows, create new ones etc. Looking at the Activities tab, you see the following:

Create new folder = creates a new folder in where you can put your flows into

Create new automation flow = creates a new automation flow (read more in this chapter)

Search = search for a specific flow

In the Activities view, you see several columns:

  • Name = the name of the flow/folder

  • Trend = shows you a +/- trend in your flow, based on if the number of persons in the flow has gone up or down (based on a 30-day-trend basis)

  • Status = if the flow is Active, Paused or Stopped

  • Baseline = what baseline that started the flow (read more in this chapter)

  • Responsible = what user that created the flow/owns the flow

  • Created = the timestamp where the flow was created

If you want to sort the list of activities, all of the above is able to sort both ascending and descending.

To the very right side of a flow you see an icon (...) If you hoover over that, you will be presented with three new icons:

X = deletes the flow and all the data in it

//// = brings you to the statistics report of the specific flow

Folder = gives you the possibility to move a flow into a specific folder

If you instead hoover to the very right side of a folder, you will see the following icons, that gives you the possibility to re-name the specific folder or delete it. Remember that you can't delete a folder with flows inside of it, then you need to move them out before you delete the folder.

If you want to go into an existing flow, simply press the name of the flow to enter the “canvas” to look at the flow, make changes etc. If you want to create a new flow, press Create new Automation flow in the upper right corner.