In APSIS Marketing Automation (MA), one of the Actions that you can use is called Webhook, a HTTP callback functionality to one of your own systems that can be used inside of your automation flow to control the next step(s) for a person that have entered the flow.

To use this, add the Webhook under Actions in the flow where you want it to be located and then press the node to see the settings of the node. In here you will find the following settings:

Here you need to specify the URL for your system that APSIS MA should speak with in order to make the callback.

Parameter data (optional)

If you want to add additional parameter data into the callback, you can enter them in this section.

The webhook is built up using the following possible callback methods

  • POST = MA pushes the data into your system
  • GET = MA receives the information from your system
  • PUT = MA updates existing data in your system
  • DELETE = MA deletes the data from your system


Based on the answer (callback) that we get back from your system (for example True or False if you use the GET method), you can now decide what will happen in the next step. If you use a POST/GET/DELETE, you can often leave this setting in default mode Nothing.

To make it a bit easier to understand, an example of a Webhook could be as follows:
Double check if person A has had any support errands with us the last 3 months (callback to URL with GET as the method).

If they have (response equals True), send them email A and if they have not (response does not equal True), send them email B.